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Making a comeback after over 20 years, Copper Peak’s future will include ski flying, but not today. Instead, enjoy the ride! Hike the North Country trails that follow gushing waterfalls along the Black River Scenic Byway and enjoy beautiful fall colors.  Coming soon, (12 miles of ) mountain biking trails will also be featured near the base of Copper Peak.


From the start of the top chute, Copper Peak’s rocket-steep in-run forms a descent three times greater than Niagra Falls.  The scenic views are breath-taking, the air is stronger way up there. Test your own fears, ride the chairlift, then take the 24-story elevator to the top of the 300 ton steel scaffold super structure.  Close your eyes and imagine the thrill fliers feel with windspeeds over 70 mph or dropping 95 feet per second from its peak!  It might take your breath away again, but no worries, it’s built to withstand winds in excess of 190 mph and designed to sway up to 18 inches in strong winds!


Copper Peak is one of six ski flying hills in the world  - the only one in the Western Hemisphere.  It is the largest artificial slide in the world.  Copper Peak rises sharply, anchored solidly into a 364 foot ancient rock formation.  The mountain, the majesty, one of the first points that peeked through glacier ice a billion years ago.  Lake Superior, formed by glaciers, Copper Peak, formed by man.


Copper Peak is located 10 miles north of Ironwood, Michigan, on County Road 513. Take in a breathtaking view of Lake Superior, Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.



A Word From the Chairman of the Board


Dear Friends of Copper Peak:


The start of the new year is an exciting time for our fans and supporters with the announcement on Nov. 22, 2013 by the Copper Peak Board of Directors to move in the direction of developing the capability to ski jump/ski flying during the summer/fall and winter seasons.


The weekend of November 9th & 10th representatives of FIS visited Copper Peak. They made a number of recommendations which helped to define the role the Copper Peak facility will play in the future including 1) the opportunity to use the facility year round,  2) enhance the sport in the USA and 3) and increase the economic viability of the area.


The meet tentatively planned for Feb. 28, Mar. 1 & 2 has been deferred to 2015/2016. We are aware that this decision is a disappointment to many but feel the decision by the Board will enhance the long term viability of the sport and the Copper Peak facilities.


The Copper Peak Adventure Ride experienced its most successful summer/fall season with a record setting attendance.   We will open again  in Mid-June.


Thank you for your interest and support and a special thanks to all who volunteered their time assisting with the Adventure Ride.




Respectfully,  Charlie Supercynski, Chairman of the Board,  Copper Peak Inc.

Adventure Ride

Future Mountain Biking Hot-spot

The Western Michigan Bike Club (WMBC) has teamed up with the Copper Peak Board in an effort to create a mountain biking trail system that takes full advantage of the beautiful landscape of Copper Peak. The trail system was mapped out last year (summer 2013) with Randy Spangler, who is a Trail Solutions Specialist for IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association.) IMBA is globally recognized as a trail solutions company which as been designing and building trails since 1988.


The trail system designed for Copper Peak will cater to all types of riders, whether you are a beginner or extreme downhill rider, this trail system has a little something for everyone. There are little over of 5 miles of amazing mountain bike trails that traverse through Copper Peak's majestic landscape.


Keep your eye out for this amazing trail system, as it will be ready to ride in the near future!



The Return of Ski Flying


Copper Peak's last ski flying event was held in 1994. As technology progressed in the sport, skiers were now able to out jump the designated landing zone, which is why a meet hasn't been held there since.


The Copper Peak Board is now working on ways to bring back ski flying to the iconic jump. The Board is fund raising for money that will go towards updating the jump would allows skiers to safely fly off of the legendary jump once again.


North of Copper Peak, you can hike through the woods to various waterfalls (Algonquin Falls, Great Conglomerate Falls, Potawatomi Falls, Gorge Falls, Rainbow Falls and Sandstone Falls.)


Whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the waterfalls are always something to check out in the area!

The Adventure Ride allows visitors to rise to the same heights as the athletes who have flown down the hill in years past. After an 800-foot chair lift ride to the crest of the hill (a 360 foot copper-bearing volcanic outcrop), visitors take a thrilling 18-story elevator to the main observation deck. From there, the truly fearless can walk an additional 8 stories to the top starting gate.


Enjoy the highest, most awe-inspiring, unobstructed vista in the Midwest overlooking over 2500 square miles, 3 states and even Canada on a clear day. The Copper Peak Adventure Ride is an opportunity not to be missed!

2015 Schedule

Weekends: May 23-Mid October, 10-4:30 central

Wednesday-Friday: June 10-September 4, 10-4:30 central

Wednesday-Sunday: September 9-Mid October, 12:30-4:30 central

$17 adults; $8 14 and under; Children under 5 free

Copper Peak Board Members

Copper Peak's Board of hardworking volunteers is what allows the rich heritage of the jump to be carried on. They volunteer their time working the chairlifts, maintaining the property or educating the tourists about the abundant history of the facility.

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